On Radio Dispatch, talking CPS


The Knefels, assumedly arguing over whether I am one of the greatest Radio Dispatch guests of all time, or THE greatest Radio Dispatch guest of all time.

I also appeared on Radio Dispatch with John and Molly Knefel, a wonderfully hilarious and multitalented sibling duo in Brooklyn, to discuss my Al Jazeera America article on the state of things in CPS. You can listen here.


Talking Walmart warehouse workers on Radio Dispatch with John and Molly Knefel

I spoke last week with John Knefel and Molly Knefel on their show Radio Dispatch about the Walmart warehouse workers strike and civil disobedience action last Monday. I first met John and Molly this summer, when they were here in Chicago covering the protests against NATO here. They’re great folks. (Also, separate subject: this picture of John getting arrested–the first time–at an Occupy Wall Street action is one of the most compelling pictures I saw from those protests.)


You can listen to the show here.