Past Work


Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity – Verso Books, 2014

  • Winner of the 2014 Society of Professors of Education “Book of the Year” Award


Over the Rainbow: The Uncertain Future of US Politics — New Labor Forum, May/June 2017 issue

Attacked by Trump and Ignored by Democrats: Chuck Jones on Labor’s Fight — In These Times, February 2017 issue

Labor Leaders Deserve Their Share of the Blame for Donald Trump’s VictoryIn These Times, 11/10/16

They Don’t Care About UsJacobin, 10/28/16

Kim Foxx trounces Anita Alvarez, but activists say they want more — Chicago Reader, 3/16/16

The criminal-justice crusade of Kim Foxx — Chicago Reader, 3/10/16 issue (cover story)

Fans say thank you for the music as Shake Rattle & Read Prepares to close — Chicago Reader, 1/19/16

Chicago Teachers Union Joins Demand for Rahm Emanuel, Anita Alvarez To Resign — In These Times, 1/6/16

Chicago Teachers Union’s Overwhelming Approval of Strike Shows Power of Bottom-up Organizing – In These Times/Jacobin, 12/14/15

The Coming Chicago Teachers Union Strike Could Be a Watershed Moment for a City in Crisis – In These Times/Jacobin, 12/11/15

Firing Chicago’s Top Cop Might Not Be Enough to Save Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s Job – VICE News, 12/1/15

Remembering Nelson Peery, Chicagoan and dyed-in-the-wool communistChicago Reader, 11/3/15

I Can’t Stop Watching This Guy Disdainfully Refuse To Shake Rahm Emanuel’s HandIn These Times, 9/1/15

Deez Nuts Endorses Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Presidential Nomination – In These Times, 8/21/15

Undocumented Restaurant Workers Learn to Fight Back in ‘The Hand that Feeds’ – In These Times/Jacobin, 6/30/15

The Culture Wars Are Over—And They Aren’t Coming BackIn These Times, 6/11/15

Don’t Cry for Chicago, Progressives – In These Times, May 2015 issue

During Yesterday’s Fight for 15 Protests, Nearly 50 Chicago Armored Guards Decided to Go on Strike (with Arielle Zionts) – In These Times, 4/16/15

Rahm Emanuel Won—But Chicago Progressives Actually Have Much to Be Happy About – In These Times/Jacobin, 4/8/15

Meet Rahm Emanuel’s Other Election Day ChallengerThe Nation, 4/6/15

Over 40 Former UNITE HERE Staff, Volunteers Rebuke Union for Endorsing Rahm Emanuel – In These Times, 4/3/15

The Absurdity of Rahm Emanuel’s Fixation on Chuy Garcia’s Enlace Budget Deficit – In These Times, 3/31/15

South Side Man Who Posed Stone-faced with Mayor on Instagram: Rahm Emanuel is a Horrible Tipper – In These Times, 3/26/15

UNITE HERE’s New Pro-Rahm Emanuel Ads Gush “Rahm Love” for “Mayor 1%” – In These Times, 3/23/15

SEIU State Council Reverses Course, Endorses Jesus “Chuy” Garcia’s Run Against Rahm Emanuel – In These Times, 3/14/15

SEIU Local 73 Staffer On Mayoral Neutrality: We Have a “Good Working Relationship” with Rahm Emanuel – In These Times, 3/4/15

Rahm Emanuel’s New Campaign Ad Shows a Mayor Who’s Terrified He’s About to Lose – In These Times, 3/4/15

Steven Greenhouse on Keeping the Labor Beat Alive – In These Times, February 2015 issue

In Surprise Announcement, Karen Lewis Says She Will Return to Chicago Teachers Union Next Week – In These Times, 1/15/15

Randi Weingarten Shares Personal Story of Sexual AssaultIn These Times, 12/16/15

Lena Dunham Decides People Should Be Paid for Their Work – In These Times, 9/29/15

Naomi Klein: ‘We Can’t Dodge This Fight’ Between Capitalism and Climate Change – In These Times, 9/18/14

Run, Karen, Run – Jacobin, 7/18/14

Uncommon CORE Jacobin, 3/6/14

Nice Unions Finish Last – Al Jazeera America, 2/22/14

The Great Red Hope – In These Times, 1/29/14

Can Socialists Win Elections in the U.S.? (with Bhaskar Sunkara) – In These Times, 12/9/2013

Even After Death, Jerry Tucker’s Legacy Continues to InspireIn These Times, 10/29/13

Report: White Suburbs Reap Rewards of Billions Spent on Chicago Downtown Growth – In These Times, 10/9/13

Privatization fetishists resist form, costing cities millions – Salon, 9/20/13

Is Fight For 15 For Real?In These Times, 9/20/13

Following in Janitors’ Footsteps, Miami Cafeteria Workers Walk Off the Job – In These Times, 9/16/13

Fast Food Strikes Hit a Record 58 Cities, As Campaign’s Tactics Are Debated – In These Times, 8/30/13

Chicago Students Boycott Class, Demanding an Elected and Accountable School Board – In These Times, 8/28/13

Wave of Low-Wage Worker Strikes Hits LA Ports – In These Times, 8/28/13

New School Year Brings Anxiety for Chicago Parents – Al Jazeera America, 8/23/13

Same Old ALEC – The Nation, 8/9/13

ALEC Convention Met With Protests in Chicago – The Nation, 8/7/13

Big Business Aims to Crush Worker Centers – In These Times, 7/30/13

Dark Days for Philadelphia Public Schools As Cuts Threatens to Decimate DistrictIn These Times, 6/14/13

10-Year Strike at Chicago’s Congress Hotel Ends In Defeat, But Leaves a LegacyIn These Times, 5/31/13

Chicago Teachers Union Overwhelmingly Re-Elects Karen Lewis’s CORE Caucus – The Nation, 5/20/13

After Fighting Rahm Emanuel on Layoffs, Airport Janitors Demand New Union – In These Times, 5/15/13

Low Wage Workers Strike—Because YOLO – Dissent, 4/26/13

Retail and Fast Food Workers Strike in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile – The Nation, 4/24/13

Chicago is ground zero for disastrous ‘free market’ reforms of education – The Guardian, 3/27/13

Labor Campaign Pushes Healthcare As a Human Right, Not a Business – The Nation, 1/22/13

The CTU and the Democrats – Jacobin, Winter 2013 issue

Democratic to the CORE – In These Times, 11/30/12

Red Friday – Jacobin, 11/22/12

Born Losers: Political scientist Corey Robin believes a sense of loss animates modern conservatism – In These Times, 11/10/12

Q&A: Rick Perlstein on How a Dose of Machine Politics Could Benefit Obama – The Chicago Reader, 10/17/12

Why Walmart, Why Now?: An Interview with Labor Historian Nelson Lichtenstein – In These Times, 10/10/12

Strike Supporters Shut Down Illinois Walmart Warehouse – Labor Notes, 10/2/12

Advanced Placement – The American Prospect9/20/12

Into Week Two, A Slightly Subdued Strike – The American Prospect, 9/18/12

Strikebot Makes Rahm’s Head Spin – Occupied Chicago Tribune9/14/12

Strike for America – Jacobin9/11/12

The Port Huron Statement: Still Radical at 50 – Contributed: “Help Unions Overcome” – 4/25/12

Frances Fox Piven Scorns Death Threats, Says of Right-Wing Attacks: “I Love It” – Truthout, 3/17/12

A Famous Chicago Factory Gets Occupied – Salon, 2/27/12

Students Take On Private Equity Fund HEIThe Nation, 1/12/12

Occupy Minneapolis Occupies Second Home as Housing Occupations Spread  – ThinkProgress, 11/22/11

Why I Chose to Get Arrested With 174 Occupy Chicago Protesters – In These Times, 10/18/11

Teachers of Color, Poor Communities Bear Brunt of Layoffs in Chicago – In These Times, 9/29/11

Illinois Passes Bill for Undocumented Youth, Makes an Even Dozen State-Level DREAM ActsCampus Progress, 8/2/11

You Don’t Have to Go to Mississippi” – AREA Chicago, 7/22/11

Rep. Cantor Proposes Making Students Pay Interest on Loans Before Graduating – Campus Progress, 7/14/11

Illinois Rep. Calls on Obama to Use Discretionary Power to End Deportations of DREAMers – Campus Progress, 7/1/11

Thousands Protest, 24 Arrested in Chicago Marches Against ‘Corporate Welfare’ – Campus Progress, 6/16/11

“This is about trying to get information from my city government as a citizen and journalist”: The Reader’s Mick Dumke on His Lawsuit Against the City – Gapers Block, 6/6/11

VIDEO: Cantor Admits Speculators Have Helped Guide GOP Financial Policy  – ThinkProgress, 5/20/11

Glitter Bomb Activist: Gingrich ‘Is Definitely Feeling the Rainbow Right Now’ – Campus Progress, 5/19/11

Locking Up Immigrants Is Big Business – Campus Progress, 5/18/11

DREAMer Wins Student Senate Position at UC-Berkeley – Campus Progress, 5/12/11

GOP Rep. Randy Hultgren Calls GE’s Tax Dodging ‘Crazy,’ ‘Wrong,’ ‘That’s Gotta Stop’ – ThinkProgress, 5/10/11

Fifty Years Ago Today, Young Freedom Riders Pushed the Civil Rights Movement Forward – Campus Progress, 5/4/11

NY Times Lets Racist Groups Distance Themselves From Racist Founder – Campus Progress, 4/27/11

Maryland Passes Its Own Version of the DREAM Act – Campus Progress, The Nation – Extra Credit, 4/14/11

The Religious Right Deems Unions Sinful – Campus Progress, 4/8/11

Seven Undocumented Youth Protest, Risk Deportation in Georgia – Campus Progress, 4/7/11

Frances Fox Piven Talks Tea Party Politics – Campus Progress, 4/1/11

Joe Bageant: Defender of the White Working Class – Campus Progress, 3/31/11

The Secret Life of Economists – In These Times, 3/14/11

Chicago Youth Come Out as “Undocumented, Unafraid, and Unapologetic” – Gapers Block, 3/11/11

Home is Where the Fight Is – In These Times, 3/7/11

Why is the U.S. Cutting Immigrant Integration Programs? – Campus Progress, 3/7/11

Fox News Lies About Violent Protests in Wisconsin – Campus Progress, 3/4/11

Wis. Capitol Protesters Avoid Eviction, Win GOP Lawmaker to Their Side – 2/28/11

Is Scott Walker Taking Union-Busting Cues from Ronald Reagan? – Campus Progress, 2/25/11

Bigger than Unions, Bigger than Wisconsin – Yes!, 2/25/11

GB Field Trip to Wisconsin: Chicago Represents at Madison Union Protests (With Pictures) – Gapers Block, 2/22/11

Madison Protesters: Collective Bargaining About Workplace Democracy, Not Just Pay, Benefits – In These Times, 2/19/11

Young People a Critical Component of Madison, Wisc. Protests – Campus Progress, 2/18/11

Wisconsin Republican Governor Aims to Gut Public Unions, Threatens to Use National Guard – Campus Progress, 2/17/11

Study Shows Serious Problems with Immigration Enforcement Through 287(g) – Campus Progress, 2/9/11

North Carolina State Senator Calls Education for Immigrants “Revolting” – Campus Progress, 2/1/11

Student Labor Activists Visit Paris, Slam Sodexo – Campus Progress, 2/1/11

Before Threatening Frances Fox Piven, Try Reading Her – Campus Progress, 1/26/11

As Local Immigration Debates Rage, Rahm Proposes Plan for Chicago DREAMers – Campus Progress, 1/19/11

Would MLK Support the War Today? Definitely Not. – Campus Progress, 1/14/11

Were the 2000s the Beginning of the End of Affordable, Diverse Cities? – Campus Progress, 1/14/11

How to Crush a Union in Six Easy Steps – Campus Progress, 1/11/11

Classroom Mechanics” Teachers Oral History Project: Annie – Gapers Block, 1/3/11

A Sit-In Success Story – Yes!, 11/18/10

“Social Justice Isn’t Just for Rock Stars — It’s for Workers, Too.” – 11/17/10

Dancing With Dynamite: How Citizens Can Be More Than Merely Political Spectators – Interview with journalist Ben Dangl on his book Dancing With Dynamite, Alternet, 11/10/10

Election Day with a Long-shot – Gapers Block, 11/5/10

‘Scrappers’ Reveals Tough Lives Cruising Alleys, With Safety Net Made of Metal – In These Times, 11/2/10

Who Cares About a State Representative’s Race? – Gapers Block, 11/1/10

Classroom Mechanics” Teachers Oral History Project: Mark – Gapers Block, 10/20/10

Dave Zirin on Immigration, Public Money in Sports, and the White Sox – Gapers Block, 10/10/10

Serving While Sick: Germs Spread by Restaurant Workers’ Lack of Health Care, Paid Time Of – In These Times, 10/5/10

Stuff White People Do – In These Times, 9/22/10

Calif. Hotel Walk-Off Strike Continues New Wave of Workers Militancy – In These Times, 8/25/10

Howard Zinn’s Final Act of Protest – In These Times, 7/30/10

Will Sweatshop Activists’ Victory Over Nike Trigger Broader Industry Reforms? – In These Times, 7/28/10

Civil Disobedience Raises Stakes in Nationwide Protests against Hyatt – (contributed) Labor Notes, 7/24/10

Around Country, UNITE HERE Actions Take On Hotel Giant – In These Times7/23/10

“For the Record, My Name is Sherry Wolf, and I am a Socialist” Gapers Block, 6/1/10

Activists in Chicago Push Against Rahm Emanuel – Truthout, 5/27/10

This Land is Our Land – In These Times, 5/14/10

Family of Six Faces Eviction in Rogers Park – Gapers Block, 5/7/10

Students, Organizers Accuse Pete’s Fresh Market Management of Spying – Gapers Block, 4/22/10

Pete’s Market and Workers Rights – Gapers Block, 3/22/10

Jim Crow Redux – In These Times, 3/6/10

A Union for the Unemployed? – In These Times, 3/4/10

Workers File Lawsuit, Take Wage Theft Fight to Swanky Chicago Restaurant – In These Times, 2/8/10

The Value of Work: Interview with journalist and organizer Gabriel Thompson –  The Indypendent, 1/29/10

Labor’s Last Stand? – In These Times, 1/13/10

Grassroots Movement Grows in Mexico, as Unionists Escalate Opposition to Government – In These Times, 12/3/09

Students Won’t Sweat It – 4/20/09 (be kind–this was my first article ever published)

Podcasts (with Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor)

Jacobin Radio Chicago, Episode 1: Ben JoravskyJacobin, 1/2/14

Jacobin Radio Chicago, Episode 2: Brandon Johnson – Jacobin, 8/18/14

Media Appearances

On WGN Radio’s “Outside the Loop,” discussing the CTU strike vote – 12/19/15

On Doug Henwood’s “Behind the News” on KPFA, discussing the 2015 Chicago mayoral election and independent progressive politics – 4/23/15

On KPFA’s “Upfront,” discussing the 2015 Chicago mayoral election – 4/7/15

On Portland’s KBOOon Strike for America – 5/5/14

For Alternet, on Strike for America – 4/16/14

On Chicago’s public radio station, WBEZ, on Strike for America – 4/16/14

On the Majority Report with Sam Seder, on Strike for America 3/27/14

On the Matthew Fillipowicz Show, on Strike for America – 3/25/14

On Doug Henwood’s “Behind the News” on KPFK, on Strike for America – 3/20/14

On the Marc Steiner Show in Baltimore, on Strike for America – 3/14/14

On Dissent magazine’s “Belabored,” on Strike for America – 3/14/14

For The Awl, on Strike for America – 3/12/14

On “This Is Hell,” on Strike for America – 3/1/14

On “Radio Dispatch,” on Strike for America – 2/27/14

On Vocalo’s the Morning AMp, talking fast food and retail strikes – 4/30/13

On the Matthew Fillipowicz Show, talking fast food and retail strikes – 4/30/13

On RC Press, talking fast food and retail strikes – 4/28/13

On Vocalo’s the Morning AMp, talking free market education reform – 4/9/13

On Radio Dispatch with Molly and John Knefel, on recent Chicago Teachers Union reporting – 1/21/13

On Radio Dispatch with Molly and John Knefel, on Walmart organizing – 10/8/12

On HuffPost Live, on the dismissal of charges against 92 Occupy Chicago arrestees – 10/3/12

Interview with Mike Konczal on the Chicago Teachers Union strike – 9/10/12

On Free Speech TV, talking my arrest at Occupy Chicago – 10/24/11

On Citizen Radio, talking my arrest at Occupy Chicago – 10/24/11

On the Rick Smith Show, reporting on Madison protests – 2/19/11


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