Interview with Mike Konczal on the Chicago Teachers Union strike

I forgot to post this back during the teachers strike: Mike Konczal, who writes the absolutely fantastic financial blog Rortybomb (as well as approximately 14,000 pieces on pretty much every topic I’ve ever been interested in–see his excellent essay “Against Law, For Order” on the prison industry and the neoliberal state in Jacobin, his review of Chris Hayes’s new book for Dissent and discussion with Hayes for Bloggingheads, and this totally tubular Bloggingheads episode with Dissent editor Sarah Leonard, for starters), interviewed me and my pal/colleague Yana Kunichoff during the Chicago Teachers Union strike.


I did the interview sitting on a planter in the middle of downtown Chicago–and ironically, in the middle of it, a non-CTU protest of several hundred people marched right by me–so I feel like I maybe wasn’t at my best. (A common personal feeling.)

You can read that interview here.

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