Two interviews on my recent arrest at Occupy Chicago

I did two interviews over the past week on the piece I wrote for In These Times about getting arrested at Occupy Chicago two weekends ago. The first was with Allison Kilkenny for the show she co-hosts, Citizen Radio. Kilkenny just started writing a new blog for In These Times called Uprising; also, in general, she’s a badass. The second interview was for Free Speech TV, a great progressive internet and dish station out of Denver. I feel pretty good about both, although in hindsight, I realize that I perhaps prattled on for too long with the details of the arrests for the FSTV interview.

Check out the Citizen Radio show here. (I appear around 8:15, although you should listen to the whole thing.) Watch the FSTV interview below.

[ width=”480″ height=”387″]


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